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Browse Better – Don’t Use Internet Explorer!

Microsoft magnifies the matter and the traditional browser misses being in the trend. Internet Explorer gradually turns obsolete with every passing day. This gradual death seems justified because the web browser has not been updated to support the latest web standards and if it continues to remain in use it might have security implications. Even Microsoft is unable to rescue from this destruction. In fact, Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s cybersecurity lead himself warned about this threat and explained that IE is nothing more than making “a deliberate decision to take on some technical debt”.   

Since the outdated browser still supports organisations and enterprises that wish to run legacy web apps, IE is generally being used by them. According to Microsoft, its high time for these enterprises to rely on a new and modern web browser because choosing the easy way out now might threat their business in the long run later.

A blog titled “The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser” contains an explanation by Chris Jackson, Microsoft senior cybersecurity architect about how the use of the legacy browser is gradually increasing the “technical debt” of organisations.

  • Termination of Internet Explorer 10 set in January 2020
  • Emergency security patch for Internet Explorer has been released by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft joins an OpenChain platform

Basically, If IE remains in use despite the presence of a more modern web browser, organisations might bring additional costs for themselves later by opting for the easiest now.


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