Thursday , March 21 2019
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Fintech Start-up aims at Financial Inclusion

Fintech start-up OpenTap, headquartered in Chennai is nurturing a very unflinching goal of financial inclusion of the underserved population which is over 70 million of the country. It has been embarked on a two-fold expansion plan. Spreading geographically is the first one so it reaches out to a wider base. …

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Facebook plans its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Few of the top online messaging/social media platforms are now expecting to win those battles that the cryptocurrency start-ups lost simply by introducing the mainstream consumers to the territory of digital coins.    The internet-based chit-chat applications/websites are planning to develop new cryptocurrencies within a span of a year or …

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Bansal bridges His way to bank

Sanjay Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart has paved his way to one of his interests. Flipkart which is known to be an e-commerce website is intensely associated with Bansal’s name as he was one of the two to literally give birth to the shopping venture. However something definitely pushed him …

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Browse Better – Don’t Use Internet Explorer!

Microsoft magnifies the matter and the traditional browser misses being in the trend. Internet Explorer gradually turns obsolete with every passing day. This gradual death seems justified because the web browser has not been updated to support the latest web standards and if it continues to remain in use it …

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Samsung Galaxy S10 to introduce Crypto- Friendly features

A new feature has been introduced by the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by market share, Samsung according to which the new Galaxy S10 smartphone can securely store cryptocurrency private keys through its “blockchain-enabled” mobile services. This latest smartphone with up-to-date technology is much awaited in the crypto community.   …

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