Tuesday , January 28 2020
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About Us

Enterprise does not need statistics to speak of its relevance- only innovations. Fintech sector in India has both to show for its rapidly growing market leadership plans.

The global Fintech software and services sector predicted to touch USD 45 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 7.1%.The Indian Fintech software market is poised to touch USD 2.4 billion by 2020 from the current USD 1.2 billion in the Financial Year (FY) 2016” say experts at PWC.”

For innovations, the latest technology globally is at our doorstep. By financial YE 2019, India’s foremost nationalized bank, State Bank of India will have deployed Blockchain in three of its processes- reconciliation, remittances and trade finance operations. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

A platform that connects the Fintech industry leaders, has the power to   show you the complete iceberg!

Conversations, connects and discussions that create relationships, drive business decisions on technology, the market, revenue and competitive advantage- is what we offer at fintechplus.com.

Discussions on new opportunities, initiatives, technologies and adoption as well as DevOps challenge sin the industry, lead to more solutions, better decisions and smarter business roadmaps.

We create these conversations through our customized and subject led Events, Round tables and Conferences.

Driven by a passion of excellence, we offer you a highly professional and committed team to take the driving seat of your business juggernaut.