Thursday , November 21 2019

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Major Trends Witnessed this year in Fintech

 The Fintech sector is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature.Every year, the sector maintains its financial edge by incorporating some of the most cutting-edge approaches and vigorously changes itself in the due process. The year 2018 hasn’t been much different for the Fintech sector. Here are some major …

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Blockchain will finally make itself useful this year

 After all the hype, blockchain is due for a breakthrough in 2019. Banks and companies are gradually applying versions of the distributed-ledger technology associated with bitcoin to tasks like settlement. Demonstrating blockchain’s utility, though, will say little about the value of cryptocurrencies themselves. The technology’s potential for recording and …

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MyLoanCare rolls out a free loan portfolio management system; makes it easier to track one’s financial well-being

Potential loan applicants can access both their EPF and Credit Reports in a matter of minutes Aiming to change the lending game by providing borrowers with in-depth and real-time information about their financial health,, India’s most convenient, transparent, and trustworthy technology-driven digital marketplace for availing loans and credit cards …

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